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                  Tianjin Hengxing Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Tianjin Hengxing Group and is a system integrator integrating the design, procurement, production and installation of the bracket system. The company has a high-quality, professional team dedicated to the research and development, design, marketing, production, construction, after-sales service and other fields of photovoltaic, light and heat related bracket systems. The photovoltaic projects that the company has been involved in processing and supplying cover include centralized ground power stations: such as desert, plate… ...[More]

                  Tianjin Hengxing Solar Energy Technology Co.,Ltd
                  Contacts:Miss Wang
                  Mobile phone:13986084148
                  Address:No. 20 Dongxing Road, Beihuan Industrial Park, Jinghai Economic Development Zone, Tianjin